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A Plugin for PurgeIE Pro is a special set of control statements for deleting specified disk files or folders and/or specified entries from the Windows registry.

A few standard Plugins are distributed with PurgeIE Pro.  An example of the steps necessary to activate one of the standard Plugins is included below.

In order for a Plugin to be processed by PurgeIE Pro, a Plugin must be selected from the Plugins available within the "Plugin" subfolder of the PurgeIE Pro installation folder.  Actually, the "Plugin" subfolder is created by the install routine as a part of the PurgeIE Pro installation.

For example If PurgeIE Pro is installed in C:\Program Files\PurgeIE,
The Plugin subfolder would be C:\Program Files\PurgeIE\Plugins

You can display the folder (directory) information by:

1. Start PurgeIE
2. Press the Help button
3. Select Display Directories from the dropdown menu

The install folder is displayed as 'PurgeIE Pro Exec Directory'.
The Plugins folder is displayed as 'PurgeIE Pro Plugins Dir'.

You must use the Select Plugins button on the General Tab of the Configuration Window to access the Window for selecting Plugins for execution.

In order for Plugins to be processed by PurgeIE Pro, the 'Run Plugins' option must be selected on the Main Window.

The Plugin files must be named with one of the following file extensions:

"STD" used to indicate a 'Standard' Plugin.  The distributed and downloadable Plugins use this extension.

"CUS" used to indicate a 'Custom' Plugin.

You should use the "CUS" extension for any Plugins you create.

If you wish to modify a 'Standard' Plugin, you should copy it to a new name with the "CUS" extension so as to avoid possible name conflicts with future downloadable Plugins.

NOTE It is strongly recommended that you test a Plugin before committing to actually use a Plugin on your system.

Assistance & Resources for Computing, Inc. assumes no responsibility for the action of Plugins on your system.

The 'Select Plugins for Plugin Option' window has a function for testing a Plugin.  Just select a Plugin by clicking its name and press the 'Test Plugin' button.  The Test function does not actually delete anything but does display the detail items that would be deleted.

You can find additional information concerning Plugins as well as additional Plugins available for download on the PurgeIE Pro website.

A program for advanced users to create custom Plugins is available on the website.

Step-by-step instructions for activating a Standard Plugin

This example assumes to activate a Plugin named 'Windows Find History'.

1. Start PurgeIE Pro

2. Click the 'Configure' button

3. Click the 'Select Plugins' button on the Configuration Window

This will display a checklist of the Plugins installed on your system

4. Click the Plugin named 'Windows Find History'

This will display the control statements for the Plugin in the right pane.

5. Click the 'Test Plugin' button to display its expected results

It is strongly recommended that you review these results

6. Click the Checkbox on the 'Windows Find History' line

7. Click the 'Close' button to close the Test Window

8. Click the 'Apply Changes' button to cause PurgeIE Pro to record your checkmark settings

9. Click the 'Close this Window' button

10. Click the 'Return to Main' button on the Configuration Window

11. Click the 'Run Plugins' checkbox to set its Checkmark

12. Click the 'Save Purge Options' button.

The above explanations were extracted from the PurgeIE Pro Help file.

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