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Click here to Download PurgeIE Pro - 5.02 

Click here to Download PurgeIE - 9.02

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PurgeIE Pro and PurgeIE are marketed as Shareware.  This means that you are free to download the software, install it on your system and test it prior to registration.  You are allowed to test this software for fifteen (15) days in its Fully-Functional mode.  These days need not be contiguous which means that you could test it one day a week over a few months if you wished. After the trial period, the program must then be registered to regain its Fully-Functional mode. 

The non-contiguous evaluation period avoids the scenario in which one downloads a program, studies it briefly, has to put it aside for other pressing matters, tries to evaluate it after several weeks and finds that it does not function after some fixed time. 

I recommend that individuals download PurgeIE Pro or PurgeIE and install it on their system.  Try it for a while and decide whether to keep it.  If you decide against keeping it, you should simply uninstall it from your system.  You should only register the program after you are satisfied it performs as expected.

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Registration involves the purchase of a license. The price for the single-user license for PurgeIE Pro is $29.95 USD or $19.95 USD for PurgeIE

You can register online (purchase license) via major Credit Card and by direct mail.  The purchase of a license results in a unique Registration Code being sent to the customer via Email. The Registration Code must then be entered into the program to complete the registration process.

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