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Cookie Control

I'm concerned about the impact of cookies on my privacy. Is there a better way to protect my privacy than deleting my cookie files at the end of the day?

Absolutely. The trouble with deleting all cookies at the end of the day is that you zap the good cookies, too-the ones that contain stored passwords and preferences for Web sites you trust. We've seen dozens of cookie utilities, most of which require too much work to be useful. A noteworthy exception for Internet Explorer users is a shareware utility called PurgeIE, from Assistance & Resources for Computing. PurgeIE lets you inspect all the cookies on your machine, delete those you don't want or need, and designate useful ones as "protected." When you run PurgeIE, it deletes all the cookies on your system, leaving the protected ones intact.

excerpted from:
  Smart Business Magazine
  Answers Column - Feb 2001
  Ed Bott


PurgeIE is a cache and cookie manager for users of Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher. Unlike many utilities, the program gives you total control over the files you accumulate from Web surfing. It provides a complete assortment of parameters to instantly delete the files you don't want. While you can sweep unwanted cookies with a click, it'll automatically pass over the ones that enhance your browsing.

Similarly, the program helps you manage both on-line and off-line cache folders, allowing you to delete files after a certain amount of time. PurgeIE also supports cleaning the History folder, and will cover your surfing tracks by clearing out visited and typed URLs. If you're using Internet Explorer 5 or later, the program will purge previous searches and information stored in the browser's AutoComplete function.

The program's Protect component reads all files in your cookie, cache and "visited" folder. You can browse the list using filters, sorting options and a find feature. By highlighting an entry, you can render the file protected or unprotected, or simply delete these items right on the spot.

Once your parameters are set, you can activate the preview feature to examine the files that are about to be destroyed. Then, you can clean out the folders and save your settings to disk. PurgeIE produces detail and summary reports on its activity. You won't have to restart or reopen any windows, so you'll instantly have a clean and secure environment for surfing. This shareware version is fully functional, but expires after 15 days.

reviewed by Nick Smith -  and Rated: 4 Rockets

A Personal Recommendation

I am a telecommuter. I work as a journalist and freelance writer and much of my work is done on the Internet. My work is done through research, compiling information, transmitting through different programs and email. Through my workday, I can visit several hundred sites, that have attached to them several hundred more cookies and other technologies designed to "follow my habits". As many people, I do not feel comfortable with this invasion of my privacy. I found that PurgeIE eliminated those tracks by "washing" my computer free of unwanted cookies. The program also allows me to protect those cookies I do wish to keep for ease in my work, but now it is my choice which cookies stay or leave.

Another advantage to this program for anyone working at home or where their children might use the same computer, is that it erases all history and evidence of where the user has "surfed". As a researcher I am at times, at sites I would prefer my children not see. One purge and the slate is clean. The beauty of the program as well is that it is in the background, handy to use when I want it but not interfacing with every action I make. I have mine set to purge each time I boot up the computer so once it was set up, I just let it go to work.

I highly recommend this program to anyone. In this day and age of questionable computer privacy, it is the only prudent move to make. This program, with its low learning curve, can not possibly be beat!

Adelle Vancil Tilton
Journalist and Freelance Writer

User Feedback

(no names)

Downloaded the 'new' version this AM. You asked for 'feedback', so here it is:

One word, GREAT!  I think the new 'layout' is much better looking and easier to understand, which of course translates to 'easier navigation'!  As you know, I first purchased "PurgeIE" a few years ago.   There have been a couple 'slight problems', but you've always answered my Emails promptly and the problems were fixed.  Thank you for a great program and your support after the sale. It is an extreme pleasure doing business with you!!

I have upgraded and my problem no longer exists!!!  I remain astonished at how quickly I get answers to PurgeIE questions (few as they are - this being my first problem since installation in 2002!!).

Your system is fabulous.  The care you take to ensure that your customers are content is itself a sure sign of the integrity and excellence of your system!!

Thanks a million

I'm very happy to have discovered PurgeIE.   I've been using Webroot's Window Washer for quite some time, and had thought that product to be the end-all.   Having moved to Win XP, I had no desire to reboot or even log out and back in just to clear the index.dat files.   Your solution is perfect, and I commend you for being the only developer to implement it!  Well worth the registration fee.

Thank you.  PurgeIE Pro is running smoothly as expected.   Again, I must congratulate you not only on your systems, but also on the unsurpassed quality of your documentation and, most of all, the speed with which you get back to me whenever I have a problem, and the thoroughness and clarity of your answers.   Would that others I deal with on the web were anywhere near as good.

Wow.   A response within hours--and on a Sunday no less!  I'm impressed!  Thanks for the unheard of service and for getting me the information I needed, even if I did give you the wrong email addresses!  Every company should be so responsive.

I don't normally write to software developers, but PurgeIE is fantastic.   It's simple to use and the interface should make even the newest computer user at ease in purging things from IE. I've used other programs in the past - Cookie Burner, Evidence Eliminator...etc - but they either didn't do everything I wanted or were too much for my needs. PurgeIE fits just nicely, allowing me to eliminate cookies I don't want and keep those I do (something I was unable to get Evidence Eliminator to do) and manage my history and cache.   This is a fantastic product.   Thanks for making my life easier.

Just tried PurgeIE last night for the first time. It really takes out the trash, (joke.. ha ha!). I never saw anything that would keep the junk level down in my computer like it. Makes me wonder why those folks out at Microsoft didn't include something like it in Windows 98 and up to start with. It really helps those of us with small systems that need to keep the extra files from building up.

Downloaded it last night and tried it then registered about an hour later. Mailed my bank money order today.

Thanks for the Garbage Disposal of all software cleaners... PurgeIE works great!

Indispensable.   Every browser should have a program to clean it like this. And, it is so easy to use. It also cleans some Windows folders associated with Internet Explorer. The best program of its type that I have used.

I love this little program!!  You select what YOU want purged, one click and it's gone. I use it all the time.

The best IE cleanup utility around.   If you want to control IE cache, cookies, history files, etc., PURGEIE is the best utility available. Not only is it easy to use and flexible, but it does the best job of cleaning up caches, cookies, history files, temps, and strays without causing problems with the index.dat files (other utilities are not so careful).

Just wanted to let you know I was plagued with "Error in URL" problems and was getting ready to write an incoherent request for assistance.   But, as your Help recommended, I checked the FAQ and, sure enough, there was the answer to my problem.   (And much easier than rebooting in DOS mode and deleting that pesky index.dat file manually.)

A "Must Have" Program!!!! Great!!!  I earn my living by buying and selling on the net. I need to get rid of a lot of junk like cookies, temp. files, etc. This program does it all with one click. And you can set it to clean out just what you want and when. I have used 3 other programs and none can even remotely compare to this program. Never had a second's trouble with it. Every night before shutting off the computer, I just click away all the digital debris from a full day of surfing. Nothing could be simpler or more effective.

This is an excellent program!  I have used this utility for over 2 years and highly recommend it. You can protect what you want to keep and get rid of the rest. Easy to set up and learn to use, this software is well worth it's price.

Anyone with IE needs this utility!  I have used this program from its first appearance on the scene and it does everything as advertised. It makes IE work like it should. I would not hesitate to recommend it.

I'm glad you're still supporting upgrades to PurgeIE. I use it regularly. It remains one of the most user-friendly utilities I've ever had.

Excellent - works superbly.   Like the new features by the way...

I just wanted to let you know, that I have been using your program now for almost a year and just upgraded to Version 3.   Your program is accurate, clean, fast and I think it is terrific.

I do like PurgeIE.   After having tried just about every other such product on the market, I had about given up on finding a program that would even realize that there are histories / caches in the /Profiles folders.

And, nothing I found could delete these files from within Windows, even when instructed to do so.   I had finally resorted to a running a .BAT file after exiting to MSDOS, prior to a complete shutdown.   I can't imagine why Microsoft make all this so difficult and plan to speak to Bill about it the next time I see him.

But... PurgeIE takes care of all this very nicely, thank you.

I have used the new version just about everyday and have found no problems with it so far. Generally, I have gotten in the habit of using it to clear the cookies and cache items every time I have accessed the internet. With companies like DoubleClick out there storing a cookie for every click and some of the other sites "dumping" everything imaginable into the cache, clearing things has become a necessity. PurgeIE is great for that because it works well and it easy to use.

As for the Cookie contents on the Protect Window and the use of Cookie contents for 'Filter' and 'Find' that you mentioned, I haven't had occasion to use those features yet because I usually remove everything from the folders after every session. The additional cookie listing and protection functions are definitely useful though. At the very least, it allows you to see the cookies on the system without having to "weed" through all the other items that get stored.

Again, I think you have created a very useful piece of software and I continue to recommend it to anyone I know who uses the web.

Thank you for the prompt response!  By the way, your software has performed impeccably!

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